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Our approach

You probably already have some sort of Analytics going on. However, we’ve found more than 90% of Google Analytics Implementations aren’t capturing the right data to tell the full story about your customers’ behavior and marketing spend performance. We start off with an audit to first fix your current implementation.

Then we configure or implement a new implementation to ensure your Google Analytics is telling the full story with the right, clean, data. We help you use this data to make better business decisions, track ROI on marketing efforts, create amazing customer experiences, and drive overall growth

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Digital Analytics Process

Delivering results every step of the way

Analysis & strategy

As part of the beginning phases, we perform a thorough audit to identify what’s working and what’s not with your current implementation. Then we come up with solutions to the most crucial problems that are affecting your current analytics efforts


During this phase, we create a custom configuration for your analytics efforts based on the recommendation we have provided during the Strategy phase

testing & optimizaTion

We test, optimize, then test again the analytics implementation to ensure clean, insightful data is captured so that you can take be confident in the success of your marketing efforts

training & support

Our team continues to provide support and training for your team as needed, with proper knowledge transfer in place

Case Studies

Performed detailed audit of current analytics implementation for large healthcare company. Identified large gaps in availability of data as well as measurement issues

Recommendation was made to reduce marketing technology redundancies, implement market leading analytics tools, streamlining workflows, and integrating toolsets.


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