What is Facebook's Conversion API?

The Facebook Conversions API is a means of sending event information directly from an advertiser’s server to the Facebook servers. Currently event signals are sent via pixels served through a browser. The Conversions API gives advertisers the ability to supplement these browser signals as they weaken, and also to send new signals through to Facebook.

Conversion API

Accelerates marketer priorities

ID and Signals Management

Mitigate risks associated with changes in the signals landscape

Privacy & Safety

Securely send data that can improve marketing returns in a safe way.

Data Quality & Integrity

increase ROI from investments of enterprise and marketing data quality.

Analytics & Personalization

Build funnel events from the strong customer data

Server-side Benefits

Data driven marketing with Conversions API

Full funnel visibility

Track outcomes across multiple channels and lower in the purchase path

Stenthen data sharing

Reduce the impact of drop-off due to technical issues

Data control

Better manage data shared and when you share it

Advertiser Success Story

Love Your Melon, a US apparel brand ran a Facebook ad campaign that tested using Conversions API with the Facebook pixel, and saw a 17% increase in attributed revenue after the Conversions API integration!

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