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Cookieless World

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The Problem

Tracking Pixels and 3rd Party Cookies are at Risk

Browsers are moving away from 3rd party cookies and regulations such as GDPR and CCPA are following suite. Tracking return customers and impact of marketing spend will become increasingly difficult in a cookieless world, directly impacting marketing budgets and company bottom lines.

Impact on Marketing

Platforms that leverage client-side cookies, sometimes called ”pixels”, will show massive increases to NEW traffic because previous session info will get erased. Web cookies are small pieces of information sent from websites to end user’s computers while browsing. Traditionally, these data points have been used to store information on session activity and record browsing history.


Today, the most common use cases of cookies are:



Collecting detailed information on user behavior on social media, search engines, and
their favorite websites in order advertise specific products and services.

Understand behavior of web and mobile users using web analytics

Storing stateful data, including authenticated states, saved shopping cart info, and user preferences, to enhance customer experiences.

What is Facebook's Conversions API?

The Facebook Conversions API is a means of sending event information directly from an advertiser’s server to the Facebook servers. Currently event signals are sent via pixels served through a browser. The Conversions API gives advertisers the ability to supplement these browser signals as they weaken, and also to send new signals through to Facebook. 

Advertiser Success Stories

The US apparel brand ran a Facebook ad campaign that tested using Conversions API with the Facebook pixel, and saw a 17% increase in attributed revenue after the integration. 
Love Your Melon



Track outcomes across multiple channels and lower in the purchase path


Reduce the impact of drop-off due to technical issues


Better manage data shared and when you share it

With the decline of the cookie, server to server integration is going to be key to advertiser success

What Advertisers Must Do

Data Collection

To improve data resiliency, and protect revenue, clients must move to a hybrid data collection & distribution method.

Become Browser Independent

Implement products such as Facebook Conversion API to establish channels that are browser independent

Ask for help

Connect with experts that understand can help you navigate the ecosystem

Increase Performance and Conversion Tracking

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